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Diversity + Inclusion = Success

We are committed to diversity and inclusion efforts, we've learned that diversity is not a finite goal; it is a journey that requires constant self-assessment and re-commitment. We strive to create an environment that helps us capitalize on the diversity of our people and the inclusion of ideas and solutions to meet the needs of our increasingly global and diverse customer base.


We think every product should be made with the environment in mind. Our goal is to continually improve the environmental credentials of all our products. We seek to use more clean energy to power our operations every year. We try use only solutions that help green the grid and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon energy future for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work tirelessly to ensure effective corporate responsibility, safeguard human rights, and protect our planet. Our policies and business practices reflect a commitment to making a positive impact in communities around the globe. This commitment doesn’t just impact the type of products and services we develop—it’s also central to why so many people shop here & many of our employees, suppliers & partners work with us