1 Pcs Aquarium Ornament Decor

Name: Simulation aquatic plants
Applicable: Aquarium landscapes
Material: Environmental protection PE + ceramic base
Size: High about 4.5cm
Color: Green / purple / pink / light green
Packing: 1 Pcs
Instructions for use:
Aquatic plants may cause aquatic plants during the packaging process extrusion deformation, available from 40°~60° warm water soak can be restored
Not directly under Qiang Lie sun exposure, Can not be placed at temperatures above 65°
Water Leaves:
Simulation of grass leaves and grass roots are made of environmentally friendly PVC material does not affect the water quality, not with other plants like the appearance of color spray caused by fading, and affect the water quality. But the use of coloring into the raw materials and then made of stereotypes, the color will be much better, there is no fade.
Ceramic base:
Simulation of aquatic base using ceramic base, the ceramic is a clay and a variety of natural minerals from crushing and mixing, non-toxic harmless, but also in the water has good stability.