20 W EU Plug Hot Melt Glue Gun with 7 mm Glue Stick


Production Description


--Glue gun:

Material: plastic & aluminum& PTC ceramics

Working power: 20W

Working voltage: 100 to 240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Thermostat Operating temperature: 140 ~ 240 °

Nozzle diameter: 1.3mm

Nozzle material: Aluminum

Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes

Cable length: 140cm

Size: 12.9*11.2*2.98cm

Color: blue

--Glue sticks:

Color: transparent

Package: simple packing

Stick size: 6.8-7.8mm

Cure time: 10-20S

Size: 7mm(diameter)*17cm (length)



Inlay diamond

Stick toys

Fill door slot

Repair glass

Repair furniture

Stick artificial flower