Bicycle Frame Handle Carrier Genuine Leather Belt Bike Little Lifter for Easy Carrying Cycling Accessories Diameter 50mm




Speciafications: Material: Genuine leather, Weight: 50g, Size : 25*5cm, Color: Black/Brown
- Made of leather and brass finished buckle
Max diameter 50mm,fit for below 50mm tube
- Fits on most Bicycle frames,Easy to install
- Comfortably carry your bike up and down obstacles
- The Bicycle frame handle is for carrying your bicycle,
whether it's up the stairs, across the tracks, or onto the metro 
- This minimalist handle makes carrying your bike actually feel easier, lighter, and more under control by lowering the center of gravity
- and using your normal muscle groups for lifting and holding your bicycle, same as lifting a grocery bag or carrying a briefcase
- Classic design with fine workmanship

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