Shotgun Shooting Shells Pouch Cartridges Leather Game Bag Case with 2 Rounds 12/16/20GA Holders Hunting Gun Accessories


Product name

Shotgun Shooting Shells Pouch Rifle Cartridges Leather Bag Case with Two 12GA Holders Hunting Gun Accessories

Product feature

- Made of high quality genuine leather

- Attached your belt for carrying

- Holds 25 shells for quick access

- With two ammo shells holder for 12/16/20 gauge

- It will take a box of 25 12ga cartridges (or smaller boxes of 28 / 20 / 410 gauge etc)

- Vintage design and fine workmanship





Weight and Size

Weight for this Ammo Shells Pouch Cartridges Bag: 0.15kg
Size for this 
Ammo Shells Pouch Cartridges Bag: 12.5*18.5*8cm  

Package Contents

 1 x  Ammo Shells Pouch Cartridges Bag

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